The principal design idea of this store was to create a museum-like white box that contains elements of architecture that play with the visitor’s imagination. The idea of a museum or a gallery is emphasized by the glowing ceiling, which creates an even, almost synthetic atmosphere throughout the store. The walls are kept white and minimal and are unfolding their straight geometry in a curve towards the facade. The terracotta facade is made from handmade glazed ceramic screen blocks referencing southeast Asian Modernist architecture. Dominated by the grid ceiling, the actual store layout is kept deliberately a-symmetrical. At the center of the store is a large sculptural curved staircase element that leads towards a circular wood screen wall. These elements are typological and aesthetic experiments, inspired by memories, each of them expressing a certain feeling and mood. Those basic shapes, stairs, curves and arches, organic nooks, and architectural elements are contained in this large white box like a collection in a Museum. A collection of fragmented memories.