Our interiors set the stage for everyday life, providing us with the equipment we need for living. Whilst being grounded in this basic practicality, through theory, experimentation and meticulous attention they become imbued with an ineffable sense of being more than that. They shelter us from life outside whilst engaging with our contemporary moment; they allow us to rest whilst readying us for engagement. With our multidisciplinary approach, encompassing architecture, interior design and furniture design, we combine craftsmanship and theory to elevate the quotidian. Our designs seek to re-conceptualise space, organising and orchestrating the different elements in an almost choreographic way, each element improved by the application of thought as well as aesthetics.

Founded in 2011 by Oskar Kohnen, OK Studio is an experimental interior architecture and design practice, seeking to push the traditional boundaries of architecture and interior design in new directions. Our work aims to create meaningfully progressive, rigorously thought through and inquisitive spaces that harmonise between client desires and spatial concerns. The studio continues an international track record of built projects, in Europe, the United States and Asia, with a special focus on intricate interiors. Completed works and projects have been featured in leading publications & reviews around the world, including Architectural Digest, Wallpaper*, Elle Decor, Sleeper, Wonderland, Dezeen and Sight Unseen. In 2019 and 2023 Oskar Kohnen was listed in the AD100.

Alongside Oskar Kohnen Studio, Oskar closely collaborates with Shawn Hausman Design. They have worked together on numerous international hospitality projects including The Standard, London, as well as the ongoing works to André Balazs’ Chateau Marmont.