Setting the stage for our everyday life, the interior is always just a fragment of a larger entity. Although it forms part of the larger context of the architecture and the environment it is situated in, it also stands in stark contrast to them. The inverse relationship between architecture, human needs, and desires, its equipment we need for our life, such as furniture, art, and decoration, stands at the centre of our practice work. Organizing, orchestrating,  re-thinking. Performing our choreography within a given space. We embrace the ambiguous cross overs of the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and furniture design. Both craftmanship and theory form part of our design process. Incompletion, pluralism, and contradiction are essential ingredients of our work.

Founded in 2011 by Oskar Kohnen, the studio is an experimental interior architecture and design practice, devoted to the continuous exploration of the inside space. Operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and interior design, our work aims to create meaningfully, progressive, inquisitive and encompassing spaces that bring together client expectations and spatial concerns. The studio continues an international track record of built projects, with a special focus on the delicacy and finesse of the interior. Completed works and projects have been featured in the leading publications around the world.

Among Oskar Kohnen Studio, Oskar is also closely collaborating with Shawn Hausman Design, having recently completed ‘The Standard Hotel’ London (2016-2019), as well as working together on numerous international hospitality projects, including the ongoing works at André Balasz Chateau Marmont.