Whilst looking for vintage furniture, Uta Geyer, the owner of Lunettes Selection, uncovered a shuttered optician’s that had been closed for 80 years. Inside she found a trove of customised optician’s cabinets, each hand-finished and labelled with signs detailing the type of glasses stored within. The nostalgic appeal of these cabinets became the central inspiration behind the store’s design. Exploring the concept of the ‘Wunderkammer’, we thought of them as vessels of the optician’s art and the magic of lenses. Seeking to create an enlivening effect from contradictory aesthetics, we immersed the store in an Yves Klein blue, colouring every surface to luminous effect. This bold contemporary application of colour serves to highlight the antiquity of the optician’s furniture and create an uncanny space out of time. Photography by Katrin Greiner.